About Me, My Style and Ethos

Here you will find unique jewellery that epitomises style and has a personal connection to you. All jewellery is designed and produced by myself in my own workshop. Each piece takes time, dedication and man hours to produce something beautiful and personal. Hope you enjoy looking at the pieces as much as I have had creating them.



A Brief History

I graduated with a BA in Jewellery Design, Silversmithing & Allied Arts at Sir John Cass (London Guildhall) in 1998. I've been making pieces as a hobby and now create contemporary jewellery as a serious full-time business. I create limited pieces and some complete one-off's.

A Story, A Style And A Purpose

My style of jewellery is bold, meaningful and above all beautiful! I believe there has to be a connection for the wearer as well as myself. The picture above shows the "Conception Necklace" which was conceived after the birth of my twin girls. It's a literal interpretation of the male sperm and female egg.

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