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Tools Of The Trade

I'm going to recommend the following as they've been tried and tested by myself in my own workshop. 

I'm going to start first off with the most powerful tool in a jewellery designers arsenal, the piercing saw! I've tried three and the best one in my opinion is the Vallorbe Glardon saw frame. It's got a fantastic comfortable handle/grip. It's a beautifully rigid frame and most of all the thumb screws are fantastic! The blade is beautifully taught once you tighten the thumb screws with ease. The cut is straight and sharp and control is excellent!

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So whats next?

Well if you are going to do some soldering then I can only recommend something easy nd compact beforer you move on to the more complicated stuff. Although I use a Microweld for soldering, I still find I trust in my handy piezo hand torch. The flame is powerful enough to carry out most jewellery related tasks depending on size of the pieces. The flame is easily adjustable for the control of heat as you solder. This is essential as you don't want to melt your hard work down!

Again Amazon have a great deal on this torch.

Here a better one but a bit on the expensive side. Still, you get what you pay for but the above will serve you well if looked after.

At the bench.